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Learn and get better at the alphabet with cool surprise eggs. Find your lovable movie characters in each egg. Each surprise egg holds a famous figure that start with the letter N. There are five Play-Doh eggs, with the following colors: Green, Red, Purple, Pink, Light Blue and White is for the letters. Other stuff that are already on set are mega "N" blocks, a nightingale, noodles, necklace, and an alphabet book. The character figures in these eggs include: Nemo (Disney Pixar Finding Nemo), Nala (Lion King), Nani (Lilo and Stitch), Nelson (The Simpsons), Nidoran (Pokemon). n is nightingale, n is for noodles, n is for necklace, N is for Nemo, N is for Nala, N is for Nani, N is for Nelson, N is for Nidoran.