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Learn the Alphabet Letter I with 3 Play-Doh Surprise Eggs - Iron Man Invisible Woman Disney Iago insect iguana ice cream. Master the alphabet by cracking surprise eggs and finding your favorite character in them. Each egg includes a well known figure that start with the letter I. There are three different Play-Doh egg colors: Red, Purple, Orange and White is for the letters. Other items that are already on set are mega "I" blocks, an insect, an iguana, ice cream, and an alphabet book. There are 2 upper case "I" eggs and 1 lower case "I" egg surprise. The figures in the eggs are: Ironman (Marvel Avengers), Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four), and Iago (Disney Aladdin). i is for insect, i is for iguana, i is for ice cream, I is for Iron-Man, I is for Invisible Woman, I is for Iago.