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Read the alphabet and have fun by opening surprise eggs and finding your favorite movie characters in them. Each egg contains a famous character figure that start with the letter E. There are 6 different Play-Doh egg colors: Orange, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Light Blue and White is for the letters. Other items that are already on set are mega "E" blocks, an elephant, a white chicken egg, and an alphabet book. The figures in the eggs are: Edith + El Macho (Despicable Me), Queen Elsa (Disney Frozen), Emperor Palpatine (Star Wars), Elasti-Girl (The Incredibles), and Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh). e is for elephant, e is for egg, E is for Edith, E is for El Macho, E is for Emperor Palpatine, E is for Eeyore, E is for Elasti-Girl, E is for Elsa.