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Learn to read the alphabet and enjoy it by opening surprise eggs and discovering your favorite Disney characters in them. Each egg contains a famous character figure that start with the letter C. There are 6 different Play-Doh egg colors: Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, Orange and White is for the letters. Other items that are already on set are big "C" blocks, a red car, a camel, a Transformers cup, and an alphabet book. The figures from the eggs are: Chewbaca (Star Wars), Cinderella, Captain Hook (Peter Pan), Captain America (Marvel The Avengers), Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Courage the Cowardly Dog. c is for car, c is for camel, c is for cup, C is for Chewbacca, C is for Cinderella, C is for Captain Hook, C is for Captain America, C is for Clifford, C is for Courage.