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There are 26 Playdoh surprise eggs and 26 different animals from a to z. there are many playdoh colors including: light blue, pink, orange, green-yellow, red, green, purple, yellow; black and white for the abc letters.Here are the letters and the animal found within each egg. a is for alligator,b is for bear,c is for camel,d is for dolphin,e is for elephant,f is for flamingo,g is for giraffe,h is for hippo,i is for iguana,j is for jaguar,k is for koala,l is for lion,m is for monkey,n is for nightingale,o is for ostrich,p is for penguin,q is for quail,r is for rhino,s is for seal,t is for tiger,u is for urial,v is for vulture,w is for walrus, x is for x-ray fish, y is for yak, z is for zebra